Shabby Chic Cake Topper

Shabby Chic Cake Topper

May 29, 2012 Misc. Decorations - 0 comment

A friend asked me if I would mind making these adorable birds for her son who is getting married next month. She will use them as a cake topper!  I had previously made them for another wedding and they were a huge hit.  I decided to make a tutorial this time.  Remember I am still new at this.  :)

supplies needed


You will need:
2 wooden birds
glue gun
scrap lace
scrap black felt
small pearl
paper and pencil
compass or top to a medicine bottle
wax paper (not shown)


Here’s a close-up of the stars.

Purchased wood birds from Michaels craft store










I laid one of the birds down on the paper and sort of traced around the wing.  It will not be exact so you just have to play with it a bit.

Take your wing template and hold it on the felt and cut 2 wings out.  Hint: use sharp scissors!

Apply glue to the entire wooden wing and add the black felt cutout.

Apply felt to both wings


Tear a piece of wax paper and place it around the bird. Turned the bird on the side and place a book on top of it and let it dry.

Repeat the process for the “bride” and the lace.
While they dry, you can work on the hats.
Take a compass and make a small circle on your paper.  (I used the lid to a prescription bottle.)  This will be your rim.
Next cut a 1/2 inch by about 2″ strip of felt for the stove part of the hat.  I did not measure the pieces.  This is hindsight so eyeball it.
For the top of the hat cut another round smaller piece of felt.  The exact diameter will be determined by how tight you make the stove part of the hat.

ready to assemble



I already glued the stove part of the hat.  Use the glue gun to make things easier.






Careful put some hot glue on the inside rim of the stove part of the hat and place the top on it.  Repeat for the bottom part of the stove and the brim.  Be careful, the glue is hot and you don’t want it to show, so use the glue sparely.

Hint: If you need to trim a spot or two, wait until completely dry.  A black marker  can be used for touch up to help cover any hot glue or bare wood if needed.

For the bride veil I pinched the lace in the middle and hot glued.  Then I hot glued the veil to the bird. Not shown here, I also placed a small pearl bead in the center of the veil.



You could make a necklace for the bride using seed pearls and  a bow tie for the groom.

I also suggest adding some eyelashes to the bride.




I could not resist playing with these adorable  birds before I surrendered them.  I hope you enjoy the pictures!




















The Mr. & Mrs. sign is from an earlier blog and is found here.

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